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Modular Manufacturing Systems

These Mechatronics systems are fully functional models of actual applications, mimicking hybrid, real life, industrial automation scenarios. Various Automation and Handling Task modules such as feeding, conveying, pick & place, transporting, forming and storage modules are available. Wide range of Modular Manufacturing Systems like Processing station, Conveyor station, Automated Storage and Retrieval System and other production stations that are suitable for modular assembly are available. A wide variety of project assignments and learning objectives help students to build hybrid systems by integrating important automation technologies, such as

  • Pneumatics
  • Electrical
  • PLC
  • Mechanical
  • Sensors

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Pneumatic Trainer Kit

JTK series

  • Features
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to use, and pick & place of the trainer components is very effortless
  • Extruded aluminium mounting board not only improves aesthetics, also makes the pick and place of components easier, thus enabling the user to concentrate more on testing the circuit rather than placing the components
  • Individual aluminium profiles of size 40 mm x 40 mm can be used to convert the board into a table
  • The mounting board is modular and is being used globally in many educational institutions in setting up a World Class Pneumatic Lab
  • Advantages
  • Suitable for polytechnic and engineering syllabus for various disciplines like Mechanical, Mechatronics, Production and Instrumentation
  • Suitable for companies having ISO & TPM training systems
  • The Pneumatic Trainer Kit and the systematic programme structure framed by JANATICS will explain from the scratch till the latest in industry
  • Since pneumatics is used in every industry like food, pharma, textile, engineering, automobile, etc. Training in this subject enables the students to know the latest trends in industrial automation and also makes the placement for the students easier

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JASP 4.0 - Janatics Animation Software for Pneumatics

  • This software package is developed keeping in mind that this should be a handy tool for the trainers in Educational Training Institutes & corporate training centres to go hand in hand with the latest in the industry With this software,
  • Functional features of products & components can be understood
  • The virtual cutsectional animations lets the students to know the internal details of the product & to understand the functions simultaneously
  • Trainers can explain about the products and can educate the students at a very short period, so as to have ample time on using trainer kits to gain more practical knowledge
  • Even a non technical person can easily understand the concepts of pneumatic products
  • Flow calculator and cylinder selection module are incorporated with this software to guide the selection of pneumatic components for both industrial and educational projects
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Cut Section of Pneumatics


  • Product Cut Sections helps the users to know about the internal details of Pneumatic Products.

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Wall Posters


  • Pneumatic Illustrative Wall Posters - Matt laminated, Wall Mounted, Framed Colour Photos used for effective display of Pneumatic Products in the Pneumatic Lab.
  • Size: A1 (Height: 594mm, Width: 841mm)